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  9. Mail Membership Contribution, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity Go to top, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to fostering international competition for people 30 years old and up. Memberships help maintain this site and are US tax deductible.

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The people who support this site for everyone to enjoy have asked for exclusive Members Only features. MastersRankings, as most of you know, always strives to give Masters Athletes what you want out of this site. The masters athletes who have supported this site are very important because we wouldn’t exist without them. This members exclusive access will start on June 6, 2016. Members’ Exclusive Features are listed below. Thank you to those who have generously supported this site.Click to see Current Members

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Submit Performances Yes Yes
View Rankings Lists All All prior year & current year #1
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View Rankings Lists All All prior year & current year #1
My Watch List Yes No
Age Graded Ranking Yes No
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All Performances Yes No
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Upcoming Competitions Yes Yes
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The pages above are the most popular. All other pages of this site are completely open to all visitors.

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Features will be added and improved over the next few months. Members will be surveyed provide the feedback on what they want and as new features are added through the year.

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100% of contributions go to maintaining this site. The task of compiling hundreds of thousands of results worldwide is huge. Maintaining and operating this site is much more than that. Contributions and employer matched contributions are the only sources of funding right now. A modest amount of funding will enable us to increase staff slightly and the effect will be huge. Think about how much has been done by MastersRankings and some volunteers – imagine how it will be when a staff member or two is added! This site will flourish with the modest funding.

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Memberships are effective for one year for a minimum of $25 US. Voluntary contributions above the minimum membership are welcome and further help MastersRankings to deliver and exceed your expectations. 100% of the membership proceeds go to expenses related to maintaining the lists and, Inc. Memberships can take up to 48 hours to activate.

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