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Clyde Riddoch, AUS - Age 62

Most Improved Athlete: 38 - 2014 Regional points12 - 2014 World points120 - 2015 Regional points28 - 2015 World points

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2015 Road Performances

M6010000 Meter Race Walk      Complete M60 10000 Meter Race Walk List
   View Clyde's 10000 Meter Race Walk Performances

World Ranking = 76; Oceania Ranking = 10; Australia Ranking = 5

2015 Outdoor Performances

M60200 Meter Dash      Complete M60 200 Meter Dash List
   View Clyde's 200 Meter Dash Performances

World Ranking = 473; Oceania Ranking = 33; Australia Ranking = 28


M601500 Meter Run      Complete M60 1500 Meter Run List
   View Clyde's 1500 Meter Run Performances

World Ranking = 511; Oceania Ranking = 28; Australia Ranking = 21

M60High Jump      Complete M60 High Jump List
   View Clyde's High Jump Performances

World Ranking = 255; Oceania Ranking = 8; Australia Ranking = 7

M60Pole Vault      Complete M60 Pole Vault List
   View Clyde's Pole Vault Performances

World Ranking = 140; Oceania Ranking = 6; Australia Ranking = 6

M60Long Jump      Complete M60 Long Jump List
   View Clyde's Long Jump Performances

World Ranking = 383; Oceania Ranking = 19; Australia Ranking = 15



M60Triple Jump      Complete M60 Triple Jump List
   View Clyde's Triple Jump Performances

World Ranking = 136; Oceania Ranking = 8; Australia Ranking = 5



M60Shot Put (5 Kg)      Complete M60 Shot Put (5 Kg) List
   View Clyde's Shot Put (5 Kg) Performances

World Ranking = 564; Oceania Ranking = 18; Australia Ranking = 14

M60Discus (1 Kg)      Complete M60 Discus (1 Kg) List
   View Clyde's Discus (1 Kg) Performances

World Ranking = 285; Oceania Ranking = 10; Australia Ranking = 5

M60Hammer Throw (5 Kg)      Complete M60 Hammer Throw (5 Kg) List
   View Clyde's Hammer Throw (5 Kg) Performances

World Ranking = 223; Oceania Ranking = 14; Australia Ranking = 9

M60Javelin Throw (600 G)      Complete M60 Javelin Throw (600 G) List
   View Clyde's Javelin Throw (600 G) Performances

World Ranking = 217; Oceania Ranking = 8; Australia Ranking = 6

M60Weight Throw (20 Lb)      Complete M60 Weight Throw (20 Lb) List
   View Clyde's Weight Throw (20 Lb) Performances

World Ranking = 139; Oceania Ranking = 12; Australia Ranking = 8

M60Pentathlon      Complete M60 Pentathlon List
   View Clyde's Pentathlon Performances

World Ranking = 30; Oceania Ranking = 4; Australia Ranking = 3

M60Throws Pentathlon      Complete M60 Throws Pentathlon List
   View Clyde's Throws Pentathlon Performances

World Ranking = 78; Oceania Ranking = 8; Australia Ranking = 5

M601500 Meter Race Walk      Complete M60 1500 Meter Race Walk List
   View Clyde's 1500 Meter Race Walk Performances

World Ranking = 6; Oceania Ranking = 2; Australia Ranking = 2

M603000 Meter Race Walk      Complete M60 3000 Meter Race Walk List
   View Clyde's 3000 Meter Race Walk Performances

World Ranking = 15; Oceania Ranking = 6; Australia Ranking = 2

M605000 Meter Race Walk      Complete M60 5000 Meter Race Walk List
   View Clyde's 5000 Meter Race Walk Performances

World Ranking = 70; Oceania Ranking = 6; Australia Ranking = 3

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