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Set the lists that appear first (reducing selections), set the country in which you compete most often, upload a picture for displaying on your profile and personal bio page, write your bio and change your watchlist.

Favorite Rankings Lists (not set)

Below are the pre-selections for rankings and performance lists. Selecting 'My Age Group' will display your current age group's lists.

Country for Competitions (not set)

Select nation where you compete most often. This will be pre-selected when you go to submit results.

Your Picture

You can change the photo by uploading another picture.

Your Bio

Information you enter below will be displayed on Your Bio Page after review.

Your Watch List

Add athletes to your watchlist by either clicking on the `Add to My Watchlist` button on their profile page or paste their ID # (found in the URL for their page) in the box below and click the `Add to My Watchlist` button