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It was great to see everyone in Málaga over the last several days. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Discussions with WMA, WMA Regional and Affiliate representatives were fantastic and will result in significant improvement listing athlete performances from certain nations over the coming months. Complete meet results should be inserted within a few days (if not hours) of meet closing. An article about the meet and progress made will be posted within a week. Look for it here!

2016 Rankings Lists Available to Everyone

Some have asked whether only members can view lists and be listed. EVERYONE (who competes in an organized competition run in accordance with WMA rules) can be listed and view everything on the site except for the current calendar year’s rankings lists. This means that everyone can see the 2016 rankings…

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Why is MastersRankings Popular?

Many people reflect and look ahead as the year’s end approaches. I’ve reflected on the various reasons you’ve told me why you like, love or hate MastersRankings. This feedback is what inspires changes on the site. Reflecting has also helped me see what has been accomplished and, using that information,…

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WMA Championships Results in Rankings

The first three days of competition at the WMA Championships have impacted the 2016 rankings lists. Results will be inserted into the rankings daily. You can read more about this later in this newsletter.  Click here for Official Meet Results.  We hope has been helpful to competitors at the…

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World Masters Rankings’ Status

This site is very dynamic. Most of you are aware that many performances, often thousands, are added every week. You may not be aware that many improvements are also made weekly (most are not obvious). This page is where you can see what major improvements / changes have been made…

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