World Masters Rankings’ Status

World Rankings List Status:

There are 1,607,822 performances listed representing 213,981 athletes from 195 nations.


* completion percentages are estimated

This site is very dynamic. Most of you are aware that many performances, often thousands, are added every week. You may not be aware that many improvements are also made weekly (most are not obvious). This page is where you can see what major improvements / changes have been made and estimated completion percentage of world & WMA Regional rankings lists.

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What everyone can do (all of the links below are in the menus or on your information box when you are logged in *):

In case you didn’t know, most of what can be a link is! We’ve tried to make this site easy to navigate and have incorporated countless, intuitive links. Athletes’ names are links to their profile. Meet information links to results and more. Age groups and event names are links to the respective list (in rankings most of the time).

All-Time Lists

Updated November 22, 2017

All-Time Lists page is a work in progress. Merging of performances gathered from outside sources is almost done. Merging includes making gathered information fully compatible with MastersRankings’ system and correcting name spelling. Incorrect spellings or birth dates often result in duplicate athletes. There are many more name corrections and athlete combining to be done. Please help by clicking on the performance (time, height, distance or score). This will open a correction request form and provide us with a link to the athlete’s information. Please be specific what is the issue.

Thousands can be listed for many events since millions of performances are available. Please consider whether it will be meaningful to display all available performances as it will be difficult, if not impossible, to compile historical performances with the same level of depth as are currently compiled.

What do you think:

  • What events should be listed?
  • How many performances should be listed?
  • What makes performances eligible?

Pleaseprovide your feedback and suggestions for the All-Time lists below or send private comments here.

5 Replies to “World Masters Rankings’ Status

    1. Hi Kevin, hope you are doing great. Thank you for identifying I inserted too many events into the All-Time lists. 60m was not included because I do not have good historical information internationally before 2013. This can be added to the list if we can find a way to compile reasonably accurate All-Time best performances.

  1. I noticed that in the pentathlon all time list, M55 for example is listing both indoor and outdoor pentathlon scores in the same list…even though each of these is comprised of different events so it isn’t comparing apples with apples to list them this way. Also what happened to scores on other lists such as M45 and M50 that was before 2006? Don’t see any of those.

    1. Hi Steve, hope you are doing great. Thank you for pointing this out. I made a mistake when I inserted the performances into the lists. The lists now only cover events for which we were able to gather historical performances (from Masters inception) plus Indoor Pentathlon. The Indoor Pentathlon includes international performances from 2013 and US from 2006.

      What does everyone think of including scores from different tables?

      What does everyone think of lists that do not include accurate historical (pre-2013) performances?

  2. I think it is worth listing the multi event all-time lists even though they are not going to be completely accurate for various reasons. Maybe you could put a disclaimer at the top of the multi lists to explain the limitations. At least that way we can have a general idea of the all-time rankings.

    I think I noticed another wrinkle/flaw in the way your pentathlon / indoor pentathlon lists have been compiled. It looks like if an individual has competed in both indoor and outdoor pentathlons, you only have them showing on the list with their better score, which will usually be indoor. I have not done an indoor so I correctly show only on the outdoor list. But I know of others who only show on the indoor list, even though they have a lower outdoor score that should show on the outdoor list.

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