About Submitting Results

Want to help make sure you or other athletes are recognized for their achievements by having them listed in World Masters Rankings? Fantastic! Your help is greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward ensuring the accuracy of these lists.

Performances from organized competitions run in accordance with WMA rules are welcome. Not sure whether the competition is eligible? No worries, just send us the details or feel free to contact us in other ways.

Submit Results for One Athlete

Any athlete is welcome to submit their own result(s) and it will be instantly listed. Hope the form is easy to use but please suggest improvements. Coming Soon: Anyone can use this to submit results for athletes too. Results submitted for another athlete will not instantaneously be listed.

Please note that MastersRankings, at its discretion, may elect to accept or reject performances. We routinely review submissions and use various tools to identify performances not appropriate for listing. Scouring these lists result in performances being removed so please provide information, like links to results and any notes (in the comments section of the form) which may be helpful to accept the performance.

Submit Complete Meet Results

Meet results come in a myriad of formats but getting them listed is not difficult if an original document (non-PDF) has needed information in a consistent format. Submitting complete meet results starts here so the results get inserted with accurate meet name, location, date(s) and some form of results (link to results website, pasted results, note saying results are emailed to MastersRankings). This is a big help!

Do you have access to Hy-Tek Meet Manager and the meet file? Great! Please fill out the meet information and email the Hy-Tek, Semicolon Delimited Export file (created by loading the results file into Hy-Tek Meet Manager then selecting File, Export, Semicolon delimited results). This is the most efficient format for MastersRankings to process and results in fewer errors.

Do you have an original meet results file in Word, Excel, text or other widely used format? Also great! Please fill out the meet information and email it. Please feel free to copy and paste into the box for results into the form but email the file just in case.

Only have access to pdf version of the results? No worries! Please fill out the meet information and email it.

Want to type or parse results into MastersRankings’ format? That is what we are doing many times every day! Please download the Excel template and email it. Not sure what to do? No worries, we are happy to show you how to do it. Let us know how is best for you to learn how and we will go from there!

National Rankings

Several countries compile their rankings with some using databases. National statisticians also compile rankings without databases and publish them using Word, Excel or other widely used apps. MastersRankings can use database exports and compiled rankings to insert results into World Masters Rankings.