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Thank you for your interest in providing results for World Masters Rankings. Results you provide will be used to make lists on this site more accurate. Results for United States athletes will be included in the official USA Masters T&F rankings whose Top 25 Indoor & Outdoor rankings are published annually in National Masters News. Additionally, most US complete meet results inserted into this site are published in National Masters News. This site and the data are hugely beneficial to our sport in more ways than most realize. Most of you probably see how MastersRankings motivates people to participate and helps to increase an international camaraderie. The site is also where official meet records are easily maintained and displayed in an interactive way (Sierra Gold Festival, USATF SE Masters Indoor, USATF Throwscontact us if you want your meet records listed here too). Performance data (personal data, including birth dates and email addresses, is not shared) has been used for aging studies and is being used to update Age Grading. We hope to compile historic results going back to the beginning of Masters Athletics – having that data in one place will be extremely useful and further benefit our sport.

There are 2,285,653 performances listed representing 278,680 athletes from 200 nations!

To date, 98.3% of the results in this site came from meet results websites, timing companies, meet organizers, national rankings, etc. Only 1.7% have been submitted by athletes. We can get many more results listed with your help. Below, in order of efficiently inserting results (freeing up time to work on the many other tasks related to maintaining this site), are the ways you can help provide results for listing on this site.

Athletes submitting their own results should only use this page.

Please feel free to call or reach out anytime to discuss how you can help (or anything else).

Hy-Tek Semicolon Delimited Export

The file can be created in seconds and is, by far, the most efficiently inserted and accurate (no conversion so no conversion errors). The file is created by loading the competition database in Meet Manager; Selecting “File”; Selecting “Export”; Selecting “Semicolon delimited results”. Files can be sent, as is (program ignores younger and other ineligible results / athletes). Send files to results@mastersrankings.com.

Database Exports and Excel

Many national bodies and organizations keep results / rankings in databases. Some of these already provide information to include in this site. It is probably obvious to those database managers what information is needed (we can reorganize the files provided to insert). Ideally, information provided would be in the same order as the Multiple Meet Results tab in this Excel Workbook. Anyone can fill out the Excel Workbook too for single or multiple meets. Send files to results@mastersrankings.com.

Type Results

This page is a versatile means to submit results. It is a combination of typed information and pulldown selections. To make it easier to submit information, blank boxes and selections will use the last selection made in a line above.

Submit Complete Meet Results

Anyone can submit complete meet results using this page (instructions on the page).

Submit Results for Individual

Submissions you make for yourself using this page are instantly listed! You can also submit for other athletes using this form.

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